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Detangler Hair Brush

We’ve all been there; brushing your little ones beautiful hair and having them screaming the house down like you're truly harming them!

Save your neighbours from calling to the police, and give this BRUSH a go!!!

The detangling brush has a revolutionary, life changing design. This light weight brush is like 5 different types of brushes, all in one. The curved, solid head has no flexibility so its able to break up the toughest of hair knots!

Use it on wet hair, dry hair, and all hair in between! 

Available in blue, pink and white and comes with a beautiful carry bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Natasha F
Detangler hair brush

100% ouch free. Finally have found a brush that doesn’t have my little one saying it hurts 👌🏽

Carol Pollich
Detangler Hair Brush

Hands down the best brush I have purchased. Brushing is no drama. Have ordered a few brushes for friends as well.

Best brush purchase ever!

I actually brought 2 brushes for my girls and they have been a God send!!
No tears and no fuss!!

Will be purchasing more for my nieces.

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