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Detangler Spray and Brush Pack



We’ve all been there; brushing your little ones beautiful hair and having them screaming the house down like you're truly harming them!

Save your neighbours from calling to the police, and give this BRUSH a go!!!

The detangling brush has a revolutionary, life changing design. This light weight brush is like 5 different types of brushes, all in one. The curved, solid head has no flexibility so its able to break up the toughest of hair knots!

Use it on wet hair, dry hair, and all hair in between! 

Available in blue, pink and white and comes with a beautiful carry bag.

Plus our multi-award winning SLiCK KiDS Hair Detangler, made with Native Australian Emu Apple extract which provides natural conditioning and hair detangling properties, while calming, soothing, Chamomile extract imparts brightness and shine.

There’s no SLS, SLES, EDTA or Parabens (almost the whole alphabet…).
🌾 Gluten free (not to be served with pie though, even though it smells like it should be)
🌱 Vegan
🌈 Sulphate free
🦄 Cruelty free (as in no children were forced to endure embarrassment from their parents during the making of this product)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tara Green
Best brush purchase ever!

I actually brought 2 brushes for my girls and they have been a God send!!
No tears and no fuss!!

Will be purchasing more for my nieces.


This brush is so incredible. I have tried a few detangling brushes and sprays in my daughters long hair and she always ends up crying or upset. Not once has she complained since using this brush. It gets out EVERY knot with ease... I even tried it in my curly hair in a need of a brush and wow!!!!! And the brush doesn’t even pull out the hair it just is amazing. Even without the spray this brush is worth every cent!!!! It’s a must buy!!!! Thank you for creating such a wonderful brush.

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