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The importance of creative play for children

The importance of creative play for children

Creative play is so critical that even the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights recognises it as a right for every child. It is a crucial part of childhood and grows the child socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. These skills help children to share their ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Creative play for children helps in the following:

  • Physical Development
  • It is vital to help your child develop their hand and finger strength, especially during these times when we expose them to screens at a very young age. Additionally, creative activities support your child in developing balance, movement, and spatial recognition.

  • Confidence
  • When you develop your child's own ideas and turn them into something, they can hold or touch with their hands, it promotes fulfilment and self-worth. The child gains confidence as they realise that you recognise and value their ideas.

  • Social Skills
  • Socialisation is crucial and requires to be fostered during the early ages. Creative play helps the child to share, bond, and make friends with others. They also tend to understand the existence of objects, even when out of sight.

  • Imagination
  • Creative experiences inspire imagination which, when nurtured, improves creativity and individual growth. In fact, Albert Einstein ranked imagination above knowledge. It is important in every area of learning and enhances the well-being of your child.

  • Communication skills
  • During creative activities, the child expresses their feelings, develops their language and listening skills, and enhances their attention to detail.

    Some ways to encourage creative play:

    • Raised Salt Painting

    The child draws shapes and patterns and then paints them with a mixture of food colouring and Epsom salt.

    • Playdough Modelling

    The child use playdough to model shapes of their choice

    • Marble Painting

    The child dips marble on watercolour and draws shapes on paper.

    • Toy Excavation

    Freeze toys in water and let your child excavate them with the help of some saltwater.

    • Makeup

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    Have a beautiful day Mama’s!

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