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It's Our Birthday & We're Giving Some Goodies Away!

It's Our Birthday & We're Giving Some Goodies Away!

It's Our Birthday! That's Right, Little Makeup Lovers Turned Five this week!

Little Makeup Lovers was born five years ago when I was looking for a way for my daughters to enjoy makeup without ruining mine. It's then that the concept of the products came about. However, it wasn't the empire that is it now; in fact, far from it. It was a small hobby business run from home that wasn't taken seriously for the first few years. It did the job though, and my little girls (and friends of friends, little ones) were occupied, and mums around town were rejoicing that their makeup was still intact.

Fast forward three years, my family and I relocated to the Gold Coast, which enabled me to turn my hobby into a real full-time business. One which has been thriving for the past two years. So that brings us to this week, five wonderful years in business putting smiles on the faces of little ones all over the world (and their mothers). 

Brand and Partnerships

Twenty twenty-one has been a turning point, and we're only halfway through. I finally embarked on a rebrand this year, something I've wanted to do for sometime, with a redesign of product and packaging, expanding my ranges and creating a collaborative relationship with No Nasties Kids, real makeup that compliments the Little Makeup Lovers pretend makeup line. As part of the partnership, both of our brands have come together to create the BFF Box, a fantastic bundle of real and pretend makeup and goodies. The BFF Box is something that you'll want to get your hands on right away as we have limited numbers of them and they will make the most perfect gift for any little one's birthday or Christmas.

Celebrate With Us!

We're been celebrating all week!! As a celebration of our 5th birthday, we're giving away a free sticker set to the first two hundred people who sign up here

That's it, that's all you need to do, we'll even cover the postage. Not bad, hey?

So get on over to our site and order your sticker set now! And remember that BFFs who play together, stay together!




Check out our youtube channel here


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We've got some EXCITING news! 💫

We've got some EXCITING news! 💫

Play Makeup, what is it ?

Play Makeup, what is it ?




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