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When it comes to being in business and female entrepreneurs, it’s so great when you find another person and business with who you have a synergy. To partner with this kind of business, you jump at it with everything you’ve got, just like the case with Little Makeup lovers and No Nasties Kids. It’s not every day you find a brand or a business person you want to work with or have a deep connection with. So when you find that deep connection, it’s empowering to support each other and bounce ideas off each other and back each other.

A Partnership Launched.

In recent months, we’ve launched a partnership to support each other’s businesses by distributing each other’s products. Our partnership brings together two particular brands and products that are similar insofar as we are both based in Queensland. We are both mums who created our brands and products for our children first and foremost and then saw that there was a need in the market for these products to be distributed widely. 

So it’s a great collaboration and a perfect way for children to explore using makeup without any mess, without any fuss and without ruining their mother‘s makeup and then progressing from the pretend make up range into the real makeup that has been created with little faces and little skincare routines in mind — enabling the little ones to have their own makeup while trying to be like just like mummy. 

Little Makeup Lovers started from home in 2016 when my three daughters kept getting into my makeup collection. After doing some research, I saw an opportunity to launch pretend makeup into the market and started with my girls helping me by play-testing all of her products.

No Nasties Kids Makeup came about when Natalia threw away some makeup her little one was gifted for her 5th birthday. She then set out to create handmade, all-natural kids makeup that was made for parents out there, like her, who were concerned with what they allow their kids to put on their skin. After looking into all kinds of cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries for her own health, this was a natural progression.

So as you can see, it’s a really nice fit. Both our brands have a really great vision and objective that has been travelling in the same direction. We both produce products that support and encourage children’s creative play. And we all know creative play is essential for the developmental stages of children’s childhoods. 

Celebrating collaboration.

In celebration of our collaboration, Little Makeup Lovers and No Nasties Kids released a special collaboration set which launched on May 30th, and we call it the BFF Box because we are after all BFFs now! The BFF Box will have a cute little makeup bag containing some great pieces by both Little Makeup Lovers and No Nasties Kids. To check out the box, click here BFF BOX.

So here, at Little Makeup Lovers, we are super excited to partner with No Nasties Kids. We know that this relationship will be solid and ongoing as we both move forward and grow our brands and develop more product ranges that complement each other, and serve our audience with exciting and fun options for creative play!


Our LMLxNNK families

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It's Our Birthday & We're Giving Some Goodies Away!

It's Our Birthday & We're Giving Some Goodies Away!

Make outdoor play more comfortable and enjoyable for your kids with our UV protection sunglasses.

Make outdoor play more comfortable and enjoyable for your kids with our UV protection sunglasses.

💄  What's The Difference? 💄

💄 What's The Difference? 💄


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